Other Treatments

Radiofrequency Neurolysis Ablation

Radiofrequency Neurolysis Ablation is a procedure that relieves facet joint pain that is minimally invasive and can relieve symptoms for up to two years. The treatment uses the application of heat to stop pain signals. The benefits include longer pain relief than steroid injections and surgery, increased range of motion, quality of life improvement, and quick recovery time.

Caudal Lysis of Adhesions

Caudal Lysis of Adhesions is the removal of scar tissue build-up that causes pain. The scar tissue is often the result of injury or surgery. This procedure begins with an injection of local anesthesia to prevent pain while the scar tissue is surgically removed. Physicians use fluoroscopic or MRI imaging to ensure accurate removal.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal Cord Simulation is a chronic pain treatment that involves placing thin wires with electrical leads inserted through a needle in the back near the spine. The procedure begins with a small incision of the upper buttock or abdomen and insertion of a small electrical device that emits currents into the site location.

Other Treatments

Conditions Diagnosed With Other Treatments

Spinal Stenosis

A condition where the spinal cord is compressed by a narrowing spinal column.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

A chronic condition causing pain in limbs that have been injured.


A burning sensation caused by damage to the peripheral nerve


Inflammation in the arachnoid mater of the brain.

Peripheral Neuropathy

A condition that causes weakness and numbness to areas of the body due to peripheral nerve damage.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

A generalized term to describe an unsuccessful spinal surgery.


Swelling as the result of arthritis that can limit motion, cause tenderness and pain.


An injury caused by the sudden backward and forward motion of the head.

Facet Joint Disease

A degenerative condition that affects the joints between two vertebrae in the spinal column.

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