Spine and Sports Procedures

Here at Spine and Sports Medical Center, our healthcare providers specialize in effective pain management solutions for a variety of conditions. Our Physicians are here to offer the latest in pain management treatment incongruence with our Licensed Professional Counselors, Board Certified Nurse Practitioners, and Physical Therapists.

Types of Procedures

Spine and Sports Medical Center offers a variety of treatments for pain management. Our specialists provide the following pain management solutions:


Injections are used in the treatment of pain. Physicians inject steroids or local anesthetic into the muscle or joints for pain relief.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine utilizes the body’s natural healing properties to heal itself from the inside. Pain management physicians and specialists diagnose musculoskeletal injuries that can benefit from regenerative medicine.



Blocks, or nerve blocks, are injections of local anesthetic into the nerves or groups of nerves to treat localized pain.

Other Treatments

Other Treatments are options for pain management that apply to specific conditions.

Types Of Procedures

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